Repair of Sony CDP-X777ES CD Player Transport
My X777ES has two issues:

(1) Drawer opens/closes incompletely and usually requires my intervention.

I suspect that the sled rails need some lithium (is that correct?)  grease.  Should the rails be cleaned (with CRC QD Contact Cleaner? -- or what?) before applying new lithium grease?

Quoting from an X777ES post on Agoraquest:
"Finally musttered the guts to disassemble the motor after removal of the entire tray holding the laser and the motor drive. The rotor shaft had a lot of gunk, brown, thick on the end that rotates on the bearing. After cleaning the shaft and ample use of WD40 on the shaft (I did not remove the magnet from the shaft) the whole unit works again like a charm." Posted by onno, 2008-06-22.  Is he referring to the Load Motor?  It is certainly not obvious to me how these small motors would be disassembled -- they are soldered to a PC board.

I wonder if the Load Motor or associated belts need lube or replacement?  If so, how to clean & lube these tiny motors?  Is Deoxit used for cleaning?  What is used for lubrication?  Where to acquire the belts?  Is exact belt replacement from Sony required?  The Load Motor in my photos looks OK.  It spins - not sure if it could spin a little more easily than it does. Load Motor Assembly (M652) and two associated belts (#295, #263) can be seen in lower left of Service Manual p42 diagram on Download page.

(2) CD is not always held down on tray properly.  When this is the case the CD is not read and does not play.

Does this have something to do with the Chucking Arm?  There is a spring-loaded screw on the Chucking Arm Assembly (part #205 in upper left of Service Manual p41 diagram on Download page).  Does this screw adjust the downward pressure of the Chucking Arm, thus holding the CD in place more-or-less securely?
Sony CDP-X777ES CD Player

Beautiful piece of hardware. Well built, heavy and made to last. The date stamp on my unit reads Sept.1991. I change components often and I can say that this Sony has one of the most enjoyable sounds I've ever heard. The sound has character. It brings out that true "live" feeling in the music whereas most other CD players, no matter how good they are, don't even come close. It extracts tons of bass from every track and due to it's massive twin power supplies, sends out a strong signal that can make a good power amp really boogie. The best way to listen to this unit is to connect it directly to a power amp (yes it has variable outputs). I tried using the XLR outs and then the fixed RCA outs through good preamps, but the best sound always came through the variable outputs, straight to the power amp.

Recently a friend convinced me to sell the 777es unit and try more exotic, newer cd players. All I can say is that nothing compares to the pleasure of listening to this player. I've sold all the so called exotics and just completed a deal to get a champagne color Sony CDP-X779es, the same as the 777es except made in 1992. I can't wait to hook up the 779es and enjoy music again. It will be a very long time before I sell that baby. No matter what other CD players I get I will always keep the Sony. There's nothing like it.